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Poggio Bonelli

Poggio Bonelli is proud to preserve and continue the traditions of our land in its everyday work: a perfect symbiosis between man and the land. A centuries-long history that has continued until today. Located right in the heart of the area of origin of the Chianti Classico in Tuscany, the property covers about 810 hectares. Here, the local wine-making tradition dating back to the 16th century persists with vitality and vigour thanks to 83 hectares of cultivated vineyards whose grapes yield the renowned Il Paggio wines. An enchanting farmhouse with ten apartments is also part of the property. Excellent extra-virgin olive oil varieties are obtained from the 8,000 olive trees on the estate.
Poggio Bonelli estate includes approximately eighty three hectares of selected vineyards, cultivated with Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties, trained on a spurred cordon or guyot. The tuff and clay terrain of Pliocene origin is rich in sand and has a mainly southern/southwestern exposure. Moderate in range and quantity, the production is expressive of the company’s will to be rigorous and selective, for the character of the terrain and the quality of the company to be conveyed to the wine.