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Nuschese Wine

After experiencing enourmous success in the hospitality industry with restaurant enterprises from London to Las Vegas to Washington, DC. Franco Nuschese has Channeled his passion for serving the finest cuisine into an exciting new venture. The launch of Nuschese Wines is a dream come true for Nuschese, simply because it is inspired by what he holds most dear, his birthplace of southern Italy. "It's a taste and experience of my soul and that's the ultimate gift", says Nuschese.
Nuschese Wines of Italy join the fine tradition of wine making from one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. These unique wines are from the Campania region minutes from the Amalfi Coast known as the ultimate travel destination, and being part of Southern Italy. It has produced premium wines and attracted the attention of wine enthusiasts worldwide.
Franco Nuschese invites you to share in his love of Italy by experiencing the luxury and magic in every bottle.