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Viticoltori De Conciliis

Ours is a story with no ending about a gentle link between the present and the past a story rising from dreams. A story of unions and bonds friendship and kinship sharing understandings and misunderstandings. An echo of far away languages and cultures resounds in this far corner of the world from people having drifted here out of necessity, or just out of curiosity. Accents of Arabic, Polish even Scottish or Australian and Argentinean can be heard in the dialect intonation of the Cilento region all of them mix in the same chorus and rise in one harmony. What we produce is our fruit we gave birth to it by celebrating this land Our Land With its pace, its timing and its seasons.
Located in the relatively uncharted Cilento zone on the Campania coast, from high-altitude vineyards looking out toward the Mediterranean. Bruno DeConciliis specializes in full-bodied, fruit-forward wines from aglianico, which, in the relatively hot climate of the Cilento, makes wines that are a little more accessible than young wines from Taurasi.