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Colle Santa Mustiola

A landscape whose unique history is inextricably tied to the territory. These wines exemplify the marriage of careful processing and preservation of original qualities specific to the area. Traversed 2,500 years ago by the Etruscans, this uniquely nourishing terrain evolved into a land of perfectly cultivated vines and exquisite wines.
My winemaking journey began in the early '90s when I decided to devote myself full-time to the old family business and the pursuit of making our heritage wines more widely available. I began restoring vine quality by reproducing the most select Sangiovese plants present in the old vineyards. Through careful crafting and caretaking, I'm proud to present the three wines currently in production as those born from a synthesis of the nature of the terrain, its climate and a rigorous watch in the vineyard and the cellar.
Our five acres host 10000 plants per hectare, low yields, advanced maturation and scrupulously chosen grapes. The climatic conditions boast optimal summers with considerable temperature differences significantly influenced by the proximity of Lake Chiusi.
It is the land itself that provides ideal conditions for the production of Sangiovese wine: soil, climate, and a winemaker with a great sensitivity and meticulous care in the management of what nature has given us.