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Masseria Cicella

Located in the heart of Taranto, Puglia, the cellar Masseria Cicella was founded by the obstinacy of the Brothers Schifone. The production is based on 15 acres of land owned and under management. Much of the land is planted near to the sea in the triangle most suitable for the Primitivo di Manduria. that is between the towns of Sava, Lizzano and Torricella.
The area is characterized by "Terra Rossa" (red soil), a type of red clay soil produced by the weathering of limestone rich in minerals and iron that give it its characteristic color. Compared to most clay soils, terra rossa has surprisingly good drainage characteristics. This makes it a popular soil type for wine production.
The vineyards are characterized by “Alberello” tree non-irrigated and an average age of 30 years with a peak of 50/60 years in the reserves.